Sleep Technology

Sleep Technology

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For a Smart and Healthy Sleep

As a global leader in sleep technology we are creating the best smart and adjustable beds in the market by partnering with sleep scientists, researchers, and technology companies worldwide to leverage advanced smart technology for better sleep. Ergomotion® Smart System can be added to any product of our ErgoBed Collection.

Ergomotion’s smart bed just got smarter

The goal of Ergomotion’s Smart System is to develop a healthy sleep profile for everyone. Our system combines a premium adjustable base with an advanced technology application to offer an integrated sleep system that includes a non-contact, intelligent sleep quality monitoring and tracking application, employing associated biometric sensors.


Sleep Score

An indicator of the overall sleep quality, ranging from 0 to 100. A number between 80 and 100 is a good goal.


Sleep duration

The total sleep time, including time spent in different sleep phases, number of wake-ups, etc.


Snore intervention times

The number of times that the system triggered the snore intervention function for the user.


Average heart rate

An average of the number of heart beats per minute. In adults, the normal heart rate is 60-120 in quiet state.


Average respiration rate

An average of the number of breaths per minute. In adults, the normal respiration rate is 12-20 in quiet state.


Body movements count

The number of times that the body moves during sleep.


Real-time data

Access to near-medical data. If an abnormality is detected, the system informs you and your family.


Sleep care

Function that allows one user to know the sleep status of other family member, even in a different residence.


Alarm position preset

Wake up quietly with a specified bed position.

Sleep Assist App

Ergomotion® Sleep Assist App is the way to connect with Ergomotion’s Smart Bed System. It allows the user to control the adjustable bed and view sleep data on their smartphone.

Through real-time monitoring, the Sleep Assist App provides data and trends of near-medical quality:

  • Sleep duration, including time asleep and time awake;
  • Snore intervention times;
  • Average respiration and heart rate;
  • Turnover times;
  • Sleep score, an indicator of user overall sleep quality;
  • Sleep report: a review of user sleep concerning 1 day and 30 days.

What the user can do with the Sleep Assist APP?

Understand sleeping patterns

Analyze the sleep cycle with a score of overall sleep quality. View duration of REM, light and deep sleep. With our sharing feature, the user can view and monitor sleep patterns.

Say goodbye to snoring

When snoring is detected, the bed intelligently intervenes and its head is raised, so as to alleviate snoring.

Track sleep trends

Understand changes in sleep patterns over time. Compare biometrics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Customize the comfort

Control the ErgoBed from the palm of the user’s hand, using the smartphone as remote control. Optimize sleep position, relax in Zero-G, feel rejuvenated with a massage and set the mood with LED lighting.

Check real time data

Heart rate: the number of heartbeats per minute. The normal heart rate for an adult is 60–120 beats.

Respiration rate: the number of breaths per minute. The normal adult respiration rate for an adult is 12–22 breaths.

Movements: tiny body movement.

Turnover times: body turnover greater than 90 degrees.

Gently wake up

The alarm function will gently wake up the user with vibration motors or Zero-G position.

the Sleep Assist App